The Newest Course Arduino Car Projects

Author :Peter Dalmaris, PhD

Arduino Car Projects is ideal for new Arduino Makers and graduates of Arduino Step by Step Getting Started.

Use your Arduino Uno and programs to control a car fitted with motors and sensors. 

Use a joystick, and infrared controller, and your smartphone to drive your Arduino car.

This course is an opportunity to apply your new Arduino knowledge in a series of small project with a common theme: the Arduino Car.

 Learn how to combine a variety of hardware components to create an Arduino car with many fun features. Control your car with a joystick or with your phone. Learn how to wire motors and decode signals from an infrared controller (and much more).

This course will teach essential Arduino and programming skills through a series of fun mini-projects of increasing complexity.

The core theme of these mini-projects is an Arduino-powered car.

Each mini-project allows you to explore interesting hardware and programming topics.

For example, in one project, you will explore vehicle safety using an ultrasonic distance sensor.

In another project, you will learn how to control the Arduino car with your smartphone.

You will learn how to program motors, take input from sensors to implement automation features, and explore various options to control your car.

In this course you will learn software skills, such as:

  • How to program car functions with the infrared remote control.
  • How to use Bluetooth Low Energy along with your smartphone and the ArduinoBlue library to control the Arduino car.
  • How to use the ESP01S WiFi module along with the Blink cloud platform and your smartphone to also control the Arduino car and its peripherals.
  • How to compensate for tiny differences between the motors that effect the  driving qualities of the car.
  • How to use the distance sensor to prevent a crash.
  • Two different ways to control the speed of the DC motors.

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The course instructor

The course instructor is Peter Dalmaris, PhD.

Peter has created over 30 courses on technology education and has written several books.

He is the author of Maker Education Revolution, a book on how making is changing the way we learn and teach.

He is the host of the Stemiverse and Tech Explorations podcasts, in which he discusses technology and education with engineers, educators, scientists and Makers from around the world.

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