Lesson 25: Car-3 Smart Car Avoids Obstacle Using Infrared Sensors | SunFounder Robojax

In this lesson we learn how to use Infrared Obstacle Avoidance with SunFounder Smart Card which is part of the Arduino Kit from SunFounder. First code is explained, wiring shown and then code is demonstrated so we know when objects is located in front of the car, the IR sensor on the right or left will detect it and the car is moved to the opossite direction. Then the code is modefied to add stop and finally the project is demonstrated. Required Lessons for this lesson: 1-Introduction to IR Obstacle Avoidance https://youtu.be/yXpjd279T6g 2-Car-1 assembly and simple move https://youtu.be/OgYb53HWPAo 3-Car moves forwared, left, right and backwards and speed control https://youtu.be/QzcUig2L3dM

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